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TESOL Canada Association is a membership-based TESOL & ESL Standards Accreditation Organization for Canadian ESL Instructors and Teachers of Foreign Languages. Educating TESOL Trainers is through TCCT Diploma Standard. Teachers are certified using the Foundation or the Advanced TESOL Standards. Special Interest Groups are Teaching Academic English TAE, Business English TBE, Academic Subjects TAS, and Teaching English to Children TEC. Foreign Languages Teachers Training Programs are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. TESOL Canada offers membership and accreditation to graduates of our institutional members that offer certification and study programs. TESOL Canada Standards are distinct from TESL programs across Canada.

             TESOL CANADA ASSOCIATION is Canada’s largest recognized "Online TESOL Centre" and the Only Official Centre to provide standards and accreditation to Teachers of Foreign Languages such as English TESOL, French TFSOL, Arabic TASOL and Spanish TSSOL across Canada and worldwide. There are certainly other National and Provincial TESL Organizations in Canada, but the TESOL program is completely independent from TESL. TESOL Canada differs in its EFL & ESL hybrid and online teaching approaches by educating instructors in online teaching skills, instructional deign, MOOC, and theories in language acquisition both in Canada and abroad. In addition to ESL, TESOL Canada's main purpose is to research, design, and facilitate teachers educational technology and adaptable curriculum in teaching 14 international languages. Additional certifications & memberships are offered to teachers of Arabic TASOL, Chinese TCSOL, Japanese TJSOL, Korean TKSOL, Portuguese TPSOL, Russian TRSOL, Turkish TTSOL, German TGSOL and Italian TISOL. Since 1995 TESOL Canada Association has maintained the highest standards of TESOL courses along with teachers' training programs in 14 foreign languages. While most Canadian TESL Associations concentrate within Canada, TESOL Canada is Canada expands its programs globally. For more on differences between TESL and TESOL Canada Association please view our FAQ page. TESOL Canada Association is not affiliated with TESL.

              TESOL CANADA recognition is meant to be your first step in the field of TESOL. International institutions recognize accreditation and TESOL memberships awarded by TESOL Canada Association across Canada, the European Union, South & Central America, the Middle East and Asia.

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TESOL Canada Board of Directors:

Dr. Anthony Sanchez Ventura, TSSOL & Spanish Studies, UNAM- Montréal, Québec

Dr. David Cohen, TESOL Graduate Studies, UAMU- Los Angeles, California

Dr. Fouad El- Karnichi, Director of CIT, Translation Studies- Saudi Arabia

Dr. Sam Parsayan, Chairman and Director of Board- Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Siavash Vali, President CEO, McGill University, Office in Vancouver, B.C.

Dr. Sana H, Director of TASOL, N.Y., U.S.A. 

TESOL Canada Administration:

Mrs. Jennifer Steel, Director of Administration, Toronto, Ontario
Ms. Stacy Sharp, Director of Operation, SFU- Vancouver, B.C.
Mr. Simon Baker, Administration Assistant, Vancouver, B.C. 

TESOL Canada Regional Academic Directors:

Mr. Abel Chang, TESOL Canada Beijing, Foreign Languages University, China
Mrs. Ji, Chairman of TESOL Canada Beijing, Foreign Languages University, China

Dr. Sanjib Chakaraborty, Asian College of Teachers- Kolkata, India
Mr. Mohammad Kashif, Eureka Education- Karachi, Pakistan
Mrs. Teresa Romero, Academic Director of TSSOL & TESOL, Mexico City, Mexico
Mr. Philip Michael Duffer, Academic Director of TESOL, Monterrey, Mexico

                TESOL Canada Association (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Canada) is a Canadian Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the advocacy of TESOL learners and teachers in Canada & abroad. Supported by the Canadian university academics, Board of Directors of TESOL Canada focuses on unifying educators and students on issues related to language learning methods. Additional responsibilities of Board of Directors are updating technological developments on e-learning, further developments of methodologies, research on teaching skills, curriculum design, TESOL Journals publication, updating TESOL convention reports & sharing results with members and affiliated organizations worldwide. TESOL Canada has spent a considerable effort to establish Canadian Standards in Teaching TESOL, TFSOL, TSSOL, IELTS, ESL, TOEFL and TFI in English, French and Spanish among the affiliated institutions.

           Respecting Bilingual Environment  of Canada in English and French with considerations for increasing usage of Spanish & Chinese languages in Canada, since 1997 TESOL Canada has developed adaptable programs in French, Spanish and Chinese.  TFSOL Canada ® (Teaching French to Speakers of Other Languages), DELFI (Diplôme d'enseignement de français international), TSSOL ® (Teaching Spanish to Speakers of Other Languages) and TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) are developed respectively for French, Spanish, and Chinese teachers. To promote and protect Canadian bilingualism, Canadian Bilingual Organizations support TESOL and TFSOL Canada. 

Global Mission

The overall mission of TESOL Canada is to develop cutting edge programs in Teachers Training enabling our institutional members to set up higher teaching standards in their schools and local communities.

Striving for higher standards TESOL Canada aids in eliminating or limiting non-accredited TESOL programs & ESL education worldwide. Stricter standards improve teaching skills, teachers' ethics and learning outcomes for all students.
Teachers & Schools Verification of Accreditation
This program helps to verify if a school or a certain teacher is recognized and accredited, preventing or limiting non-accredited programs that are less than 150 hours.
The process guides members in verifying all legal corners of the employment contracts from Canada or overseas. TESOL Canada's employment referrals to international networked schools is a free service offered to all members.
Upgrading TESOL Skills
Continuous education is mandatory in the teaching profession. Online TESOL Canada webinars and courses upgrade teachers about research on teaching skills, latest use of technology in the classroom, lesson plans, and methodologies. Among many, TEC, TBE, TPE and TAS are few additional courses offered to members.

Global Community Partnership
Our International   Affiliates  offer   TESOL   programs   through   TESOL Los   Angeles   &   TESOL   USA,  TESOL   New   York,   Miami   TESOL   Florida, TESOL   Mexico   City,   Acapulco,  TESOL  Brazil  Rio   de   Janeiro, TESOL  Chili  Santiago and the Dominican Republic.  TESOL  Europe  EUTA offer courses in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, London, Belfast, Scotland, Paris, Istanbul, and Moscow.  TESOL  Arabia offers programs in Dubai,  Jordan, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. TESOL  Asia  has classes in Beijing, Nagoya, Tokyo, Seoul, Thailand, and Vietnam. In cooperation with TESOL Québec, TESOL Iran offer courses in Tehran.

Our Strategy
To build the best could-first & mobile-friendly platform to be used in a hybrid module format of Online and In-class combination. Emergence of technology with TESOL is only possible when IT professionals & teachers join together. 
Reinvent productivity & business processes, build/ utilize the intelligent cloud platform & create more educational computing specifically in teaching languages. 

TESOL Canada Research 

Review our research & learn more about one of the most important TESOL research organizations in the world.

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TESOL Canada Association is not the same as TESL. If you are searching for TESL, please contact them directly. TESOL Canada is not a TESL member.