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ESL Teachers are certified using the Foundation or the Advanced TESOL Standards. Special Interest Groups SIGs are concentrated on Teaching Academic English TAE, Business English TBE, Academic Subjects TAS, or Teaching English to Children TEC. Programs are also available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

1. What are the advantages of obtaining a TESOL Certificate?
2. What can I do with my University Degree?
3. What if I am already a Teacher but do not have a Certificate?
4. What is TESOL Canada's Employment Policy?
5. What are the different TESOL standards offered by TESOL Canada?
6. What are the differences between General & Advanced Standard Certificates with Diploma in TESOL?
7. If I complete a TESOL program of 120 hours in a non-registered and non-accredited institution, can I still sign up for TESOL Canada Membership?
8. What accreditation do short-term courses offer in weekend seminars or online webinars?
9. If a program is approved in UK or Singapore, or China, does that mean it is approved in Canada?
10. If I lost my certificate X or Y school certificate, can I obtain a second copy from TESOL Canada?
11. How do I know if a school is or is not recognized & accredited by TESOL Canada?
12. Upon graduation, can TESOL Canada help me in obtaining an International Teaching Job?
13. Additional Remarks.
14. Copy Rights Reserved. 

1. What are the advantages of Obtaining a TESOL Certificate?

Do you want to Travel the World?

  • Equipped with our internationally recognized TESOL Certificate Accreditation, TFSOL or TSSOL, graduates from our member institutions have no problem finding teaching jobs around the world or in Canada – from Madrid to Bangkok, from Paris to Moscow, and from Buenos Aires to Tokyo.
  • The chance to learn about other cultures and attitudes and gain valuable exposure to varied characters and lifestyles.

Do you need a Rewarding Career?

  • You will have the pleasure of seeing your students increase their ability to communicate
  • Significantly impacting the lives of your students.
  • Create friendships that last a lifetime.
  • You will broaden your vision, gain invaluable experiences, develop your international communication skills, establish international contacts, and learn about other business and educational prospects that may not exist in Canada or the U.S.A. 

Would you like to Optimize your Resume?

  • Having overseas teaching experience is a unique asset that will differentiate you providing a competitive advantage.
  • Specializations and updating seminars of TESOL CANADA will equip you with the latest and up-to-date teaching material & skills.
  • Upon their return, younger graduates without extensive prior work experience discover that their overseas teaching employment becomes invaluable in opening doors to job opportunities and career choices that were previously unattainable.

2- What can I do with my University Degree?

Not Sure What to do With Your University Degree?

  • Fresh university graduates often have difficulty finding meaningful employment.
  • An undergraduate degree alone is not enough to get you the job you desire.
  • Working overseas presents real-world life experience.
  • TESOL provides opportunities to travel, work and make a difference in the lives of hundreds.
  • TESOL adds value to your undergraduate degree, making you a more attractive teaching candidate in Canada, the U.S.A. or Abroad. 
  • TESOL adds credits toward graduate school studies in getting your Postgraduate Diploma, Master's or Ph.D. Online. 

3- What if I am already a Teacher but do not have a Teaching Certificate?

Already a Teacher?

  • A recognized TESOL certificate will enhance your teaching techniques, opening up more employment opportunities
  • A TESOL certificate is great for teachers who are craving the excitement of exploring the world and love their existing career
  • A TESOL Certificate will augment your salary ranking working in any school
  • Your Teaching Experience will be credited toward your studies, hence, you would only need to complete  the Theory section of the program. 

4- What does it mean to comply with TESOL Canada's Employment Policy? 

Text of all jobs advertised with TESOL Canada is reviewed for compliance with all applicable Federal Canada & Provincial regulations and local bylaws relating to employment in general and hiring in particular. As TESOL Canada graduates work in Canada & abroad, USA Employment laws are also respected. Among the applicable USA federal laws are:

TESOL Canada does not permit job advertisements that refer to the candidates' race, sex, colour, national origin (except about visa policies), ethnicity, religion, native language or cultural background, medical or health condition, including HIV/AIDS, gender identity, or sexual orientation. TESOL Canada reserves the right to review and edit job advertisements for compliance with this policy.

In recognition of global diversity, academic and institutional freedom, TESOL Canada acknowledges the right of individual institutions, both public and private, to hire in accordance with their hiring policies, local laws, and culture. TESOL does not review and is not responsible for employers' Web site content, printed materials, or any information the employer has posted outside the confines of TESOL Canada's Jobs & Career page.

TESOL Canada does not evaluate any employer and assumes no responsibility or liability for employers' hiring practices, workplace facilities, or employment conditions. Only when provided with verified documentation on an institution that has been legally cited for noncompliance with local laws, will TESOL Canada consider rejecting or removing an advertisement from such an institution.

Applicants and employers agree not to hold TESOL responsible for any claims, damages, or losses incurred by the applicant, employer, or any other party due to the use of TESOL Canada's Jobs & Career services page.

TESOL reserves the right to refuse ads or edit ads for compliance.

5. What are the different TESOL standards offered by TESOL Canada?

Up until December 2015, TESOL Canada offered only a 300 hour TESOL Program. Requested by many of our students, peers and institutions, starting January 2016 the following standards were added.

General Foundation Standard: (Only for Overseas Employment & Not for Canada or the U.S.A.)
Certificate Program: 150 hours - Includes 100 hours of Theory & 50 hours of Practicum.

Advanced Standard: (For Employment in Canada, the U.S.A. or Overseas)
Certificate Program: 300 hours including 150 hours of Theory & 150 hours of Practice.

TESOL Trainer Standard TCCT: (For Employment in Canada, the U.S.A. or Overseas)
Diploma Program: 450 hours- with 250 hours of Theory and 200 hours of Practicum. 

Mastery Standard: (For Employment in Canada, the U.S.A. or Overseas)
Postgraduate Diploma PGD in TESOL: 650 hours- 400 hours of Theory & 250 hours of Practicum.

6. What are the differences between General TESOL Foundation Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma in TESOL and the PGD Mastery Standard?

Aside from targeting different employment opportunities for different standards, they also provide various educational credits and skills in the field.

General Foundation Standard Certificate 150 is an approved standard in most Asian countries, the Eastern Europe and South America.The General Standard includes 100 hrs of Theory & 50 hrs of Practicum. The program includes skills in Teaching General ESL Grammar & Communication to Adults.

Advanced Standard Certificate 300 is great for employment in Canada, the U.S.A., the European Union & in most other countries including Asia, the Middle East, South & Central America. Advanced Standard of 150 hours of Theory & 150 hours of Practicum includes all sections of the General Foundation Standard (Teaching to Adults) in addition to an introduction to TEC Teaching English to Children, TAE Teaching Academic English, and Methodologies.

TESOL Diploma Standard 450 known as TESOL Canada Certified Trainer TCCT Standard, includes 250 hours of Theory and 200 hours of Practicum. The program includes Methodologies, Teaching to Adults, Teaching to Children TEC, Teaching Academic English TAE (TOEFL, IELTS & TOEIC), Teaching Business English TBE, Conversation Workshops, Multilevel Education in 12 levels, Class Evaluations, Exam Preparations, Grammar Workshops and most of all TESOL students training through which one can become a TESOL Canada Certified Trainer.   

Mastery Standard in TESOL 650 is a Postgraduate Diploma program that includes 400 hours of Theory and 250 hours of Practicum. The Program includes Methodologies, Skills of Teaching to Adults, Teaching to Children TEC, Teaching Academic English TAE (TOEFL, IELTS & TOEIC), Teaching Business English TBE, Conversation Workshops, Multilevel Education in 12 levels, Class Evaluations, Exam Preparations, Grammar Workshops and most of all TESOL students training (aka TCCT). Through the TCCT designation one can become a TESOL Canada Certified Trainer. In addition, Postgraduate Diploma also includes educational leadership and management programs in operating a school, owning your online language business or managing other schools administration. The PGD program is two programs of TESOL Diploma & Leadership Certificate in one.

7. If I complete a TESOL program of 120 hours in a non-registered and non-accredited institution, can I still sign up for TESOL Canada Membership? 

If a school is not accredited by TESOL Canada, applicants can upgrade their skills and certifications through TESOL Canada. Upon evaluation of their prior learning, additional resources will be provided to upgrade their skills. Once completed, applicants may apply to pass the TESOL Canada International Board Exam, and upon successful completion, they can receive a TESOL Canada Accreditation Certificate and Membership.  

8. What accreditation do short-term courses offer in weekend seminars or online webinars? (Less than 120-hours)

Independent seminar-based certificate providers that are generally short-term (one or two weekends) are mostly non-accredited and not recognized in North America or Internationally. It is strongly advised not to assume that one can buy knowledge and certifications through short-term (one to three days) online webinars from organizations claiming to relate to TESOL/ TESL or TEFL. Employers know the difference and most likely will not hire applicants with less than 120 hours of training and at least 50 hours of practicum.  In TESOL Canada, the TESOL Foundation Certification offers 150 hours, and the Advanced TESOL Certification covers 300 hours of training; much higher and more complete than most other standards. The Advanced program has 150 hours of Theory and 150 hours of online Teaching Practice. In-Class Teaching Practicum is available in some locations. Amid pandemic, most of our practicum is conducted online. They include observation hours, demo sessions, feedback sessions, and live teaching classes.

9. If a program is approved in the UK, Singapore or China, does that mean it is approved in Canada?

Some TESOL programs have local recognition, and some have international credentials. Clearly, standards that offer more teaching tools and skills, longer duration, and cover practicum are more internationally respected. That is one of the reasons that TESOL Canada & TESOL USA are internationally recognized programs. The easiest way to notice is to look at their number of hours and details of course outlines. If a course is less than 150 hours and has no practicum either online or in-class, you should not enroll. If they are only seminar based and have no entry exams to verify applicants language ability, you should not enroll. If there are no assignments or exams to graduate, you should not enroll. If they say "pay" and they will mail you a certificate, you should not enroll. The U.K., Singapore or China TESOL programs, if not issued from a University or do not have sufficient teaching hours or credentials are not accepted in Canada or the U.S.A. 

10. If I lost my X or Y school issued TESOL certificate, can I obtain a second copy from TESOL Canada?

One should request re-issuance of a certificate from the original school that he or she attended. The X or Y schools do not transfer their students' lists to us. We would have no way of confirming if one is a graduate, unless the graduate is a member of TESOL Canada. To resolve such a matter, please find and contact your former school. If the school no longer exists, TESOL Canada will assist you in obtaining a new certificate, but the entire program must be re-taken. If you have taught language courses abroad and have some references regarding your certification and teaching experience, you may qualify for our TASE & TCBE qualification program.

11. How do I know if a school is or is not recognized & accredited by TESOL Canada?

A list of accredited schools is listed on our website at the Accredited Institutions page. 

12. Upon graduation, can TESOL Canada help me in obtaining an International Teaching Job?

TESOL Canada does not have a Job Guarantee promise to its members and students; however, a daily list of employments is available on our Jobs & Careers Page.  

Additional Remarks

Do you want to Make a Difference?

  • Teaching English is a rewarding career as it is the primary language of the business, political and entertainment world
  • Students in language schools abroad gain unlimited opportunities after becoming bilingual
  • Humanity is indebted to the knowledge that brings peace and prosperity worldwide, and that knowledge is not possible without the means to communicate, which in most cases is the knowledge of English, French & Spanish languages

Do you like to Learn Another Language?

  • The majority of our graduates who teach overseas have the pleasure of learning the languages of their host countries
  • Speaking more than one language increases your cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, creativity, and memory
  • It works wonders on a cover letter as bilingual applicants are always given priority over monolingual applicants. Bilinguals can get prosperous career opportunities in the retail, transport, tourism, administration, public relations, marketing, banking, accountancy, translation, law and teaching sectors (to name a few)

Do you wish for a Significant Income?

  • Our graduates earn significantly a higher income compared to their counterparts (equivalent age and education).
  • Institutions recognize TESOL / TESL accreditation qualification and TESOL Membership awarded by TESOL Canada throughout Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K., the European Union and the rest of the world. 
  • They demonstrate your academic success and add values that show you have commitment, ambition and self-discipline – qualities essential to prospective TESL employers.
  • Students who obtain their certification from one of our member institutions earn a higher income in comparison to other language teachers.

Do you search for Employment Security?

  • Globally some 400 million people speak English as their first language, and another 600 million speak it as their second. Two hundred fifty million people speak French, and up to 500 million people speak Spanish. A billion people are learning one of the above languages, and it is predicted that almost half of the world will be proficient in English by the year 2050.
  • Jobs for certified language teachers worldwide are growing at an astonishing rate
  • Language schools in Canada and around the world are more careful in hiring their teachers, and now TESOL Certification has found its place of standards among employers in the language industry.

Do you want to become independent?

  • Our graduates enjoy increased independence and self-reliance.
  • Graduates develop a more accurate understanding of their own culture and habits.
  • The experience of teaching overseas will increase your communication skills, maturity, integrity, and knowledge of world peace and cultures.

Do you want to Become a Language Teacher in North America?

  • In North America, most accredited private schools, vocational language schools and colleges, community centers, business language schools as well as corporate training departments demand an Accredited TESOL Certified Teacher to teach their language programs.
  • As English is the primary language of most provinces, French and Spanish are widely spoken in various destinations such as Quebec, New Brunswick, and parts of Ontario & British Columbia; there is a high demand for Spanish and French teachers across Canada.

Do not Have a Bachelor’s Degree but Want to Teach?

  • TESOL graduates without a Bachelor are strongly advised to complete a “Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL” which is a 500 hour accredited program that includes both theory and experience.
  • Post Graduate TESOL Diploma in various places around the world is considered as valuable as a bachelor’s degree and can open additional employment opportunities.

Do you want to Further your Post-Secondary Education?

  • Graduates who are planning to continue in the education field find that their overseas teaching experience becomes a valuable asset when applying for advanced degrees.

Do you search for a Recognized Education?

  • TESOL Canada programs are recognized in Canada & Overseas through local and international accreditation agencies in Asia, European Union, the U.S.A., the Middle East and South & Central America. 

“No matter what path you choose in life you’ll always end up on the path that life has chosen for you; this may be your destiny.”

Please call or email us for any additional inquiry & information.

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Upgraded Standards adding Higher Qualities and Values
Life Insurance, Liability Insurance & Group Insurance Coverage 

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