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Canada's Computer Drive to Children

Donate to College & University Students

No Student Left Behind

Learning is Global, TESOL Canada donates Technology in 24 Countries including Canada, the U.S.A, Central America,
the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Donate To College Students

Donate your surplus technology, laptops, mobile phone, or even a functional headphone set to College students going Back to School. During the pandemic, online education is a crucial step in every study. Lack of equipment or funds to purchase can be a huge learning obstacle in our communities. Your old computer can help a long way before being recycled.

Donate Your Laptop!

Online Students Need Your Tech

We have added on-staff industry experts and leading electronics refurbishment partners to address your technology donation needs. Your surplus computers can help children around the globe and in Canada improve the effectiveness of their studies. By donating, you are transforming the lives of those in need. Back to School in Pandemic shouldn't mean falling behind.

Donate to Kids Now!

Give Hope, Transform Lives!

During the Pandemic, TESOL Canada's mission is to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by COVID-19 or other challenging life circumstances who, without your donations and our support, would struggle to find that hope.‚Äč With technology, students can continue learning online.

Join the Tech 4 Good!

Together, we Strive through the Pandemic.

With social distancing and online education amid the pandemic, schools face their most significant challenges in decades. Low budget students face similar challenges of getting around using appropriate tools and study material. Without proper computers, internet connection, headphones or cameras, and adequate training, students will be lost and fall behind.

Support a Student!

TESOL Canada's Home-School Support

TESOL Canada's Home-School Program supports all kids in Canada with their math, science and language skills. Volunteer teachers tutor online and help kids to go through these rough times. With social distancing in place, Back to School in 2020 is much different than any other year. Our challenge is to provide computers or additional tech support to all these students.

Donate Tech or Volunteer to Teach!

Schools & Social Distancing

Most schools are closed during the Pandemic, but those opening need complete IT and Technology Solutions. Both schools and students need computers, headphones, microphones, recording cameras, and other viable technological solutions for their on-campus and online courses. You can support your local communities through TESOL Canada's Tech Drive (used or new).

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