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English to Children


TESOL Canada is a membership-based TESOL & ESL Standards Accreditation Organization. Training the TESOL Trainers is through TCCT Diploma Standard. ESL Teachers are certified using the Foundation or the Advanced TESOL Standards. Special Interest Groups SIGs are Teaching Academic English TAE, Business English TBE, Academic Subjects TAS, and Teaching English to Children TEC. All programs are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.




Programs in TEC- Teaching English to Children, TFC- Teaching French to Children (EFE), and TSC- Teaching Spanish to Children (EESN) are available through Certificate or Postgraduate Certificate studies. Teaching Languages to Children is also accessible in Arabic (TAC) & Chinese (TCC).


Many overseas teaching positions involve teaching to youngsters, an exceptional experience that is both fulfilling and challenging. Compared to adults, children are more energetic, have shorter attention spans and learn languages according to specific stages of development that may present particular challenges to their teachers. The key to teaching languages to children is to understand the principles of language acquisition and apply them in ways that would motivate kids to learn.


TEC is available in two formats of 650-hour Postgraduate Diploma Program (6 months), or a 300-hour Certificate Program (2-3 months) through our approved institutional members. A primary TEC education is available as a 35-hour upgrade study package through TESOL Canada. Pre-requisite to apply is the completion of TESOL General Standard One 150-hour certificate program through accredited schools. The program expands upon teaching philosophies examined with TESOL Canada standards.


TEC Postgraduate Diploma Program will include Postgraduate TESOL and the TEC Certificate program that will prepare teachers to design and implement curriculums for adults & young learners of varying ages and skills.
The program includes both theoretical and experimental training for children in daycares, day camps, and primary schools. Students have the opportunity to work first-hand with young learners of various ages and skills. The “TEC Specialized Upgrading Certificate” (35-hour) program is for students who have completed a general TESOL Certificate and wish to specialize further their teaching abilities. This program is also available for Teaching French, Chinese, Arabic & Spanish to Children respectively known as TFC (EFE), TCC, TAC & TSC (EESN).


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TESOL & TEC Postgraduate Diploma Program: (TESOL & TEC)


A 650-Hour (6 months) TESOL Postgraduate Diploma is combined with a Specialization in Teaching English to Children TEC Certificate. (Program includes Postgraduate studies in TESOL & TEC)- This program is best for persons without a prior TESOL certificate. (Only available through accredited schools)


Advanced Standard TEC & TESOL Certification Program:


A 300- Hour (3 month) TEC Certificate Program is the most appropriate for parties without prior TESOL studies where they can complete both programs simultaneously. (Available through accredited schools, Online & On-Campus)


TEC General Standard Certificate:


150-hour course, completed within three months at one of TESOL Canada’s member institutions that incorporate both theory and experience in this field. Applicant must have already completed a TESOL certificate. (Obtainable through TESOL Canada accredited schools, Online & On-Campus)




For Postgraduate Diploma: High School Diploma, One Year College Study plus a TESOL Certificate with Teaching Practice.


For Advanced Standard Certificate: High School Diploma and Two years of College or University Studies. (No prior TESOL Cert. required)

For General Standard Certificate: High School Diploma, One Year College Study plus a TESOL Certificate with Teaching Experience.



Course Objectives: 

In completing the TEC Teaching English to Children Modules, students will:

  • Gain a theoretical and practical overview of how to teach ESL to children.
  • Examine the work of child development theorists.
  • Investigate ways of incorporating the “Children Language Acquisition” methods and ideas.
  • Incorporate methodologies within their curriculums.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to teach phonics.
  • Learn where to find useful instruction resources and materials.
  • Experience teaching skills to children of various ages at different levels.


Recommended Background;

No previous working experience with children is required. Students should possess the enthusiasm for children learning and developments. As required by Federal laws, to start practicum and working in a day camp, day-care or a primary school, a complete background check will be necessary.



ONLINE PROGRAMS:  Programs are available On Campus or Online. Duration of programs may slightly be different in various institutions.  Theoretical aspects are conducted online, experimental sections are supervised at a TESOL Canada representative centre in your region.

Course Content (Theory)


  • Special considerations are given to teaching English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or French to children
  • Investigate curious child development and learning theories
  • Introduction to learning disabilities, how to teach to kids with special needs
  • Approaches to planning units and structuring lessons for youngsters
  • Teaching specific skills: vocabulary, listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and literacy development
  • Innovative activities specially designed to keep children interested
  • Examination of proactive classroom management techniques
  • Critical review and evaluation of teaching resources (books and websites)

Course Evaluations


Students will complete a combined multiple-choice & written TESOL Final Board Examination based on all sections of the course manual and corresponding textbook readings. Students will also complete class projects and assignments. 


Course Materials

Teaching English to Children Course Book
Teaching English to Children Assignment Booklet
New Parade Level 1 Teacher’s Edition, Mario Herrera & Theresa Zanatta, 2000
New Parade Level 1 Student’s Edition, Mario Herrera & Theresa Zanatta, 2000


Students who achieve the TESOL Postgraduate Diploma in conjunction with the specialization in TEC will have the opportunity to teach in many educational institutes across Canada, USA or at one of our affiliated international destinations. Introducing English as a Second Language at a young age has become the essential part of schools' curriculums. Countless positions are available for full-time, & part-time teachers, after-school programs, day camps and private tutoring sessions. Having the ability to engage a group of young learners in fun activities that instill new skills is a highly valuable qualification for any teaching position in USA, Canada or abroad.