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Institutional Programs Approval & Accreditation 

After the complete evaluation of Institutions' TESOL Programs, Standards, Teachers Credentials, modes of courses delivery, and their Online Technology (CRM, LMS, Social Media), TESOL Canada will be able to certify their proposed programs. Once approved, schools may apply for accreditation of their programs aligned with TESOL Canada Standards. The minimum accepted is 150 hours for the General and 300 hours for the Advanced Standard.  

Initial Accreditation Package


Affiliated TESOL Accreditation

By earning TESOL Canada's Institutional Accreditation, your school will be approved by TESOL Québec, TESOL B.C, TESOL USA, TESOL New York, TESOL Los Angeles, TESOL Asia, European Union TESOL Association EUTA, TESOL Americas (South & Central) and the MINA TESOL Middle East . Although IATEFL is an affiliate, they do not provide accreditation at this point. 

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Accredited Institutions Membership

TESOL Canada Membership is available for Accredited TESOL Institutions Worldwide. Graduates of recognized school may apply to TESOL Canada membership through their schools. The minimum of 150 hours in TESOL is required. Teaching experience can be an added value. General TESOL Standard is 150 hours, schools that provide a 300-hour program can qualify for Advanced TESOL Standard Certification.  

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Accreditation & Membership Renewal  

To renew TESOL Canada Accreditation & Membership schools are advised to submit their annual reports, students success rate along with supporting documents to TESOL Canada Administration. Evaluations will take between two to four weeks. Institutions are recommended to apply about two months before the expiry date of their existing accreditation.

Accreditation Renewal

Advantages of Membership & Accreditation

International TESOL Journals  
Updates on Conventions and Seminars 
Teachers Trainings in 14 Languages 
Postgraduate Diplomas & Certificates
Upgraded Standards, Higher Qualifications and Credits
Teachers Life Insurance, Liability Insurance & Group Coverage 

Networking with Other Institutions

Programs Sharing & Networking Among Members 
Students Exchange Programs for Practicum & Observation
Graduate School Programs Through Affiliated Universities