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We Provide TESOL Standards, Curriculums, Trainings and Logistic Support. You Can Just Teach, at Peace.

Areas of Cooperation
TESOL Certificate Training (Online or Onsite), TESOL in 12 other languages including Chinese, French, Spanish & Arabic, International TESOL Conference, Online Open Access to TESOL Journals, Publishing TESOL Books & TESOL Specializations in Teaching English to Children TEC, Adults, TBE Business English & TAE Academic English
TESOL Training & Employments
Over 20,000 annual language teaching jobs require a large international network of educators & institutions dedicated to providing updated standards to teachers. If an educator or an institution is interested in advanced academic training for teachers in any region, joining TESOL Canada will make it more recognized in reaching those goals and will deliver accredited Certifications or Diplomas to students & educators.
Available TESOL Standards
TESOL Education is available in Certificate or Diploma formats. TESOL Courses are based on two standards of General or Advanced certificates. TESOL Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma or Master of Education in TESOL are also available through our affiliates. Once a partner, all programs can be delivered at your school.
Available TESOL Regions
In Asia, TESOL Canada Partnership can be provided for TASOL, TESOL, TPSOL & TCSOL in Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Kurdistan, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan & Philippines. European languages teachers' programs are available in Eastern Europe, EU Members and Turkey. In Americas TPSOL, TSSOL & TESOL are for Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica & Brazil.




curriculums, standards, material & training for institutional teachers to become TESOL Canada Certified Trainers. TCCTs can then train students at affiliated institutions. 

PARTNERS Provide, 

TESOL training through TCCTs. Students will graduate with TESOL Certificates or Diplomas. Graduates may apply to teaching destinations worldwide.