CODE of Profession

The Code of Professional Practice promotes professional behavior for Members of TESOL Canada. Central to the Code is respect for the individuality of the learners, and recognition of the collaborative nature of the profession in education.


  • Conduct with integrity according to law 
  • Maintain professionalism at all times 
  • Establish and maintain professional relations with all
  • Preserve the integrity of the profession in public & media
  • Harm no other professional
  • Respect the rights of the individual
  • Abide by the wishes of parents & students


  • Sustain strict confidentiality of personal information
  • Ensure students full educational potential
  • Exercise professional judgment in all resolutions
  • Refrain from any harm to teachers & students


Take no advantage of the position of authority
Further the development of professional skills
Take upgrading annual TESOL credits
Positively collaborate with all educational professionals


TESOL Canada is a formal Trademarked title representing more than 1,200 members of certified language professionals in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese & Chinese in Canada & abroad. As a mandate of Public Protection, TESOL Canada has been devoted to ensure and promote competencies & professionalism of its members in the fields of teaching languages. Accountability, Responsibility, Professional Leadership & Upgrading Standards are among many ongoing tasks of TESOL Canada.