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Get a TESOL Certificate or Diploma

TESOL Canada Certificate of Accreditation adds global recognitions to your TESOL certificate obtained form a Recognized TESOL Institution. Or if you are not already TESOL certified, to get a Diploma or Certificate in teaching English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese, we can always refer you to a recognized school in your area. To facilitate your studies, we also offer SCHOLARSHIPS with your enrollment. Change your life now. 

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Employments in Canada or Abroad

Our graduates enjoy fulfilling and rewarding careers around the globe.  Employment opportunities for certified language teachers are sky rocketing as our world becomes more and more intertwined. Over 20,000 English, 11,000 French, 5,000 Spanish positions & new demands in teaching Arabic, Chinese & Japanese are being advertised each month; there is no better time than now to teach languages in Canada, USA or Overseas. 

Jobs in Canada & Abroad

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TESOL Tribe Membership 

TESOL Canada's Tribe is for TESOL graduates from all Accredited TESOL Institutions. Minimum of 300 hours in TESOL is required for Advanced Standard and 150 hours for General Standard. Applicants may apply to TESOL Canada Specialization Certificates with their Tribe Membership. Advantages are Job Listings, Updated Postgraduate Credits, Webinars in Specializations, Scholarships, Resources, and being a member of Teachers' Tribe. 

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Get a Master or Ph.D. Online (Optional)

It is clear that not everyone wants a graduate school education but we also know that it paves your future to a successful career a lot better if you have one. Affiliated with few International Colleges and Universities, TESOL Canada provides Graduate School SCHOLARSHIPS to assist with your Postgraduate Diploma, Master or Ph.D. studies. Among many options are Master or Ph.D. in TESOL Education, TFSOL, TCSOL, TASOL, MBA & Leadership. 

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