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International TESOL Programs Approval (ITPA In 14 Languages)

International TESOL, TESL, TEFL, & CELTA Equivalency Certificate
TESOL Canada Equivalency Certificate TCEC

Teachers Advanced Standing Evaluation Program- TASE

Learning Languages is Global, so is TESOL Canada in Fourteen International Languages.


International Centres Accreditation

To gain global recognition, international accreditation by a reputable educational body is essential. Upon successful evaluation of your programs, TESOL Canada provides International Accreditation & Representation Certificate to offer its TC standards in your school. 



International Programs Approval

Examining & validating your online and onsite TESOL/TEFL/TESL courses are our responsibilities. TESOL Canada offers International TESOL Programs Approval ITPA to institutes in Canada & abroad. An institution willing to represent TESOL Canada must apply to its program's assessment.

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International TESOL Canada Award

Variable educational methods does not mean modified standards. TESOL Canada provides International TESOL Standards in TESOL, TFSOL & TSSOL. It evaluates onsite & online delivery methods based on the latest MOOC standards. Once approved, the TESOL Canada Accreditation Standard is awarded.

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TESOL Canada Equivalency TCEQ

TESOL Canada Equivalency Certificate program known as TCEQ is the TESOL, TESL, TEFL, & CELTA evaluation program based on Canadian standards. Once approved, a foreign diploma or certificate can be valued as TESOL Canada equivalent. TCEQ is recommended for international graduates & teachers through TASE & TCBE.

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TESOL Canada's Recognition

TESOL Canada's Institutional Accreditation is recognized across, Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K., Asia, Europe, & South America. The recognition demonstrates updated academic standards & professional membership for teachers & institutions. Institutional Academic Credits are available for ESL & Teachers Training organizations. 

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Accredited Institutions

The Platinum Standard Accreditation requires minimum 150 hours Theory & Practice studies. The Advanced level, the Gold Standard requires a 300 hour program. Our Proficiency level, the Diamond Standard covers the TCCT Diploma program with 450 hours of studies. Shorter programs are not accredited through TESOL Canada. 

Accredited Institutions List

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