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Provincial Ministries of Education with their list of Approved Institutions

Registered Institutions

The following displays governmental registered institutions. Governmental approved institutions are listed for public search, interest, and schools' verification. Although schools may hold several recognition; Ministry of Advanced Education, PTIB B.C., Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration, Ministry of Employment, and the Department of Education approved institutions are distinct from TESOL Canada. Being listed in a Government Ministry's Website defines governmental registration of an institution and does not necessarily mean a TESOL Canada Accreditation. TESOL Canada approved institutions are listed separately.

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International Accreditation

TESOL Canada Association's Accreditation is a statement of quality, standard, effectiveness, and prestige among the highest credible educational institutions worldwide. To certify teachers for an international qualification, an external international accreditation by a reputable educational body is essential. By joining TESOL Canada's Institutional Membership and Accreditation, your programs will benefit from international recognition by TESOL Québec, TESOL Canada, TESOL USA, TESOL New York, TESOL Los Angeles, TESOL Asia, European Union Erasmus Mundus, International IATEFL, USDLA, TESOL Latin America, and TESOL MENA in the Middle East.

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TESOL Canada Association is not the same as TESL. If you are searching for TESL, please contact them directly. TESOL Canada is not a TESL member.