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TESOL / TESL accreditation qualification and TESOL Memberships awarded by TESOL Canada are recognized by TEFL & TESL institutions throughout, Canada, USA, UK, the European Union and the rest of the world. They demonstrate your academic success and add values that show you have the commitment, the ambition, and self-discipline in the field, qualities important to prospective TESOL employers. Over the years, language schools all over the world have encouraged and sponsored hundreds of their teachers & staff to study in one of TESOL Canada's accredited programs.

TESOL Canada is a membership-based TESOL & ESL Standards Accreditation Organization. Training the TESOL Trainers is through TCCT Diploma Standard. ESL Teachers are certified using the Foundation or the Advanced TESOL Standards. Special Interest Groups SIGs are concentrated on Teaching Academic English TAE, Business English TBE, Academic Subjects TAS, or Teaching English to Children TEC. All programs are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


Teachers with Teaching Experience and formal Education in TESOL, from a Recognized or Non-Recognized Institution, can benefit from the following TESOL Upgrades.


Teachers Advanced Standing Evaluation "TASE" is a process through which TESOL Canada can evaluate, validate and credit a teacher's Prior Teaching Experience and Education toward completion of a TESOL Certification or a Diploma Program. One may request the TESOL Canada Accreditation or the Equivalency Certificate.  Regardless of having a TESOL certificate, to reach the accreditation, TASE can help.



Applicants whose trainings were completed in a non-accredited TESOL institution can apply to TASE  Teachers Advanced Standing Evaluation by supplying their educational documents, TESOL courses' outlines, and a summary of their practicums to TESOL Canada. For the membership & accreditation registered applicants, the TASE cost is Free. If additional upgrades were needed, they would have separate fees.



University degrees completed outside Canada shall follow a Canadian equivalency process through a Provincial Ministry of Education or Equivalence Québec. If you are currently outside Canada during the time of application, you may supply your documents directly to WTO World TESOL Organization for Equivalency & Evaluations. TESOL English Language Proficiency Exam TELPE may also be required.


TESOL Canada Accreditation Certificate & Membership Includes the Following

Upgrading Courses in TESOL (20 hour program), TEC Teaching English to Children (10 hour program), TBE Teaching Business English (10 hour program), TAE Teaching Academic English (10 hour program), TFSOL (20 hour program), TFC Teaching French to Children (10 hour program), Français d’affaires (10 hour program), SCHOLARSHIP Offers for Graduate School Programs, Job Posting through E-Bulletin, Monthly TESOL Canada Newswire, Research & Annual Conventions Reports, International Accreditations and Representations in Five Continents, Access to Online Resources of Lesson Plans & Conversation Activities Data Base, & Monthly TESOL News Updates.

Standards Offered at TESOL Canada

Standard Hours Duration Theory/ Practice Includes Employment Suggested for
Foundation Certificate 150 2 Months 100/ 50 Adults General Overseas Only Non-Degree or Degree Holders
Advanced Certificate 300 3 Months 150/ 150 Adults, TBE & TAE Overseas, Canada & USA Non-Degree or Degree Holders
Diploma TCCT 450 4 Months 200/ 150 Adults, TBE, TAS, TEC & TCCT Overseas, Canada & USA Degree Holders
Postgraduate Diploma 650 6 Months 400/ 250 Diploma TCCT + Postgraduate Overseas, Canada & USA Degree or Master Holders


What are the differences of TESOL Canada with other TESL organizations?

In Canada, TESOL Canada concentrates more on Private Language Industry such as Language Schools, Private Community Colleges or Private Vocational Colleges as opposed to Public Education System such as Canadian Universities or Immigration Schools. (LINC. etc)


On the International Scale, in addition to representing the private sector, TESOL Canada represents various public colleges and universities in Asia, Middle East, and Europe.


Internationally TESOL Canada is affiliated with more than 50 TESOL organizations and schools providing accreditations and recognitions to their TESOL graduates along with employments support to teach in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 


TESOL Canada provides Teachers Training programs in English and in 12 other languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese & Persian.


TESOL Canada provides TESOL standards for adults education, TEC Teaching English to Children, TAE Teaching Academic English, and TBE Teaching Business English in all countries.


TESOL Canada standards go through a wider spectrum by covering a minimum of 150 hours up to 650 hours programs, from Certificates to Diplomas and to Postgraduate Diplomas.


As a prerequisite TESOL Canada does not necessarily need a bachelor's degree. If an applicant can provide sufficient college studies along with teaching experience can go through a TASE program. Once fully evaluated an applicant can join TESOL Canada Certification process. Almost 90 % of our members have some sort of degree, masters or even Ph.Ds in the field, but it's not a requirement to join TESOL Canada.


All members are subject to TESOL English Language Proficiency Exam TELPE  in the start of their application process, and to receive TESOL Canada's Accreditation Certificate they must pass the TESOL Canada's Board Exam TCBE. 


TESOL Canada's Scholarship is available to all applicants willing to join our affiliated schools programs.


Once a Teacher's Education and Teaching Experience is evaluated through TASE, to become TESOL Canada Accredited, one may consider one of the following options.

TESOL Advanced Standard Certificate

TESOL Advanced Standard Certificate includes 300 hours of Theory & Practice. Theory is tailored for Adults, TBE Teaching Business English and TAE Teaching Academic English. This program provides employment opportunities both in Canada & Overseas. This program is available for applicants with or without a degree. Teachers with Former Teaching Experience may be granted Experience Credits. Teachers with former Academic Education in TESOL or ESL Teaching in general may be granted partial Theory Courses Credits. Maximum credits allowed is 50 % of the course.


TESOL Diploma Standard- “TESOL Canada Certified Trainer” TCCT program includes 450 hours of Theory & Practice. Theory is tailored for Adults, TBE Teaching Business English and TAE Teaching Academic English as well as TEC Teaching English to Children. This program provides employment opportunities as ESL instructor or TESOL Trainer with TCCT both in Canada & Overseas. Program requires a degree to join. Former Teaching Experience or former Academic Education in TESOL or ESL may gain Practicum or Theory Credits. Maximum course credits allowed is 50 % .


Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL includes 650 hours of Theory & Practice. Theory is tailored for Adults, TBE Teaching Business English and TAE Teaching Academic English as well as TEC Teaching English to Children & TCCT on Postgraduate level. Credits are transferable toward a Master Degree program at our accredited universities. Opportunities are ESL instructor or TESOL Trainer with TCCT both in Canada & Overseas. A degree is needed to join. Former Experience or Academic Education in TESOL gains Practicum or Theory Credits. Maximum credits allowed is 50 % .



Membership in TESOL Canada is a voluntary process that has invaluable advantages & benefits. Certified & Accredited Graduates of one of our Recognized Institutions can apply to TESOL Canada's Membership and Accreditation Certificates. The TASE approved teachers may apply to TESOL Canada Membership and Equivalency Certificates.

One Year Plan
Month / Billed Annually

TESOL General Standard 150

TESOL Advanced Standard 300

Online Lesson Plans, Resources, Team Support, Employment e-Bulletin, Free Webinars, Free Updates on TESOL, TBE, TAE, TEC & Standards

Three Year Plan
Month/ Billed One Time

TESOL Advanced Standard 300

TESOL Diploma Standard 450 - TCCT

Online Lesson Plans, Resources, Team Support, Employment e-Bulletin, Free Webinars, Free Updates on TESOL, TBE, TAE, TEC & Standards

Five Year Plan
Month/ Billed One Time

TESOL Diploma Standard 450- TCCT

Postgraduate Standard 650- TCCT

Online Lesson Plans, Resources, Team Support, Employment e-Bulletin, Free Webinars, Free Updates on TESOL, TBE, TAE, TEC & Standards

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