Accredited TESOL



Institutional Accreditation 

TESOL Canada Accreditation is a statement of quality, standard, effectiveness, and prestige among the highly achieved credible educational members, not only of our nation but also worldwide. To certify teachers in gaining internationally recognized & respected qualification, external & international accreditation by a reputable educational body such as TESOL Canada is essential.

 Initial Accreditation Package


Affiliated TESOL Accreditations

By earning TESOL Canada's Institutional Accreditation your school will also be approved with TESOL Québec, TESOL B.C, TESOL USA, TESOL New York, TESOL Los Angeles, TESOL Asia, European Union TESOL Association EUTA, TESOL Americas (South & Central) and TESOL Middle East. Although "TESOL International" is an affiliate, they do not provide accreditations at this point. 

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Advantages of Membership & Accreditation

International TESOL Journals  
Updates on Conventions and Seminars 
Teachers Trainings in 12 Languages 
Postgraduate Diplomas & Certificates
Upgraded Standards, Higher Qualifications and Credits
Teachers Life Insurance, Liability Insurance & Group Coverage 

Networking with Other Institutions

Programs Sharing & Networking Among Members 
Students Exchange Programs for Practicum & Observation
Graduate School Programs Through Affiliated Universities