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Become a TESOL Certified Teacher

TESOL Canada Certificate of Accreditation adds global recognitions to your TESOL certificate obtained form a Recognized TESOL Institution or if you don't already have one, we can always refer you to a recognized school in your area. TESOL Canada recognized programs must include a minimum of 300 hours study period that would take between 3 to 6 months. 

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Teach International Languages

In addition to English TESOL program, TESOL Canada has also developed standards to teach French with TFSOL ®, Arabic TASOL ®, Spanish TSSOL ®, Portuguese TPSOL ® Italian TISOL ® German TGSOL ®, Turkish TTSOL ®, Chinese TCSOL ®, Korean TKSOL ®,  Japanese TJSOL ® & Russian with TRSOL ®.  International Language Teachers  are trained at our Recognized Colleges.

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Become a Member Once Certified

TESOL Canada Membership is available for TESOL graduates from Accredited TESOL Institutions Worldwide. Minimum of 300 hours in TESOL education is required. Teaching experience can be an added value. Applicants that have completed less than 300 hours in TESOL studies may apply to TESOL Canada Certification prior to their Membership.  

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Employments in Canada or Abroad

Certified teachers accredited by TESOL Canada are globally recognized through international TESOL Canada affiliates. Members are able to work in Canada, USA, South & Central America, Asia, Eastern Europe, European Union, Middle East and Africa. Accredited members of TESOL Canada may be employed in private, public or business sectors depending on the country and demand. 

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Teach Abroad with TESOL

TESOL Canada is a membership-based TESOL & ESL Standards Accreditation Organization. Educating TESOL Trainers is through TCCT Diploma Standard. Teachers are certified using the Foundation or the Advanced TESOL Standards. Special Interest Groups are Teaching Academic English TAE, Business English TBE, Academic Subjects TAS, and Teaching English to Children TEC. Programs are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.