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Our administration office can assist with the information on TASE Evaluations, TELPE TESOL English Language Proficiency Exam, TESOL Equivalency programs, TCBE TESOL Canada Board Exams, TESOL Scholarships, Accreditation Certificates, Membership Certificates, locating an Accredited School near you, Records Keeping, and Teachers Memberships. We can also provide support for Institutional Accreditations, Organizational Affiliations, International Branches of TESOL Canada, and all other Administrative queries.
TESOL Canada is a membership-based TESOL & ESL Standards Accreditation Organization. Training the TESOL Trainers is through TCCT Diploma Standard. ESL Teachers are certified using the Foundation or the Advanced TESOL Standards. Special Interest Groups SIGs are concentrated on Teaching Academic English TAE, Business English TBE, Academic Subjects TAS, or Teaching English to Children TEC. All programs are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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